Gregorian Chant course - with instructional DVD included
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    Jubilus Chant Course: An Introduction to Gregorian Chant

    The world’s first chant DVD!

    Digital learn-to-chant course.

    A step-by-step learning approach that guides you to read and sing Gregorian chant! Perfect for those who are learning to read music for the first time.

    Sing along with the chant and follow the notes on screen. Practice exercises will improve your skills. A simplified system of music. Your new skills can be applied to conventional music as well!

    Interactive media

    The Jubilus Chant Course combines the use of printed study material, audio files and animated sound-files that show you what the music “looks like.”

    The Jubilus Chant Course is for…

    • Instrumentalists who want to sing Gregorian chant.
    • Those who want to learn to sing in Latin.
    • Families who want to chant together.
    • Adults learning music for the first time.
    • Children ages 7 and up.

    The course is made in Australia, so there will be a shipping and handling fee. Plus the tanking of the US$ makes this a bit more dear for those of us in the States. But it exists!
  • miacoyne
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    Is there a website for more info and order?
  • Jan
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    I went to the website & tried to contact them via email & I couldn't get the message to them. Don't know what the problem is. Where you able to contact them Aristotle? If you get through to them, let me know.I've got a potential schola member who asked for a 'down and dirty' course with DVD/CD etc. Sorry we don't have such a product. I think it could sell.
  • I think the website may be too subtly designed. (I think it's beautiful anyway.) There's a horizontal menu bar near the top of the page that provides more information. The order form may be found here.

    I can contact them via e-mail and Facebook, so I'll send a message over with a link to this thread.
  • Jan
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    Thanks Aristotle. I don't use PayPal since someone stole my account info and charged a lot of money. Send me the link. Tx! Hope you're having a great day!!
  • Apologies for bumping an old thread, but does anyone know whether the Jubilus Chant Course is still available? The website and youtube channel seem to have vanished.

    If it's gone for good, can anyone recommend anything similar?
  • bhcordovabhcordova
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    Don't know about an instructional DVD, but 'Words with Wings' has a CD that you can get to go with the book.
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  • chonakchonak
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    The exercises for "Words with Wings" are also available on-line.
  • bhcordovabhcordova
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    I did not know that chonak! Thanks for the info!
  • how do i get that jubilus chant course?