Te Joseph Celebrent
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    I know I saw an English setting of this hymn in chant notation here before. Can anyone help?
  • "II Vespers for St. Joseph - March 19 " contains that hymn.


    It follows the most recent edition of the 2007 Antiphonale Monasticum), most of which is identical to the 1962 form.

    I made this last year, and every year I improve and learn more.
    It has a few minor errors, but is mostly in comformance with the ICEL text and Revised Grail Psalms. If you have any advice or suggestions for improvement please share them.

    I began typesetting the hymn to the ravanello melody too, I havent finished though.
  • Chris, I have just transcribed the Ravanello into Sibelius, and it would be no problem to add the rest of the Latin verses and/or produce a version in English.

    And your II Vespers program is absolutely beautiful! The icon on the front struck my heart. St. Joseph is my paternal family's principal patron saint and we are very devoted to him as well.
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    Thanks, Chris. Well done.

    Does anyone have it in the chant notation as well?
  • have what in chant notation? If you mean "Te Joseph" isnt that in the .pdf link above?
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    Chris, I meant in the square notes, with the four line staff. Your edition is on a five line staff. My group will acclamate more quickly to the square notes, if there is an edition available. We're just singing it for the fun of it, though, so I'm not asking anyone to put themselves out for a new setting. :-)
  • Page 10 and 11 of the .pdf appears to be "Te celebret" in metrical english with square notes? are we seeing two different things?
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    Ha! Good heavens. Thanks for your persistence. I was looking at the pages prior to that, and did not realize you had it in both notations! Thank you, Chris. I look forward to sharing this with my group on Friday. We have a "Chant 'n Chow" once a month, and are going with the theme of Saint Joseph since his feast is just a few days after that. :-)
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    Here you go.
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    Beautiful typesetting, Chris. I was looking for one in English, though. I think Chris M. did a nice job.
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