Organist / Guitarist / Vocalist Seeks Position in Northern NJ
  • Strong instrumentalist and vocalist seeking a congregation in Northern New Jersey. Experienced with pipe organs and electronic keyboards, as well as standard grand piano. I am also a very good guitarist.

    Complete understanding of the structure of the Mass. Experienced working in a part-time capacity for several parishes.

    I have a very good vocal strength training program and teaching experience. Would love to take on directing a choir.

    I am a trained classical musician, very competent sight reader. I am mature, reliable and trustworthy.

    Many years experience as a popular musician leading blues, rock, country and jazz bands.

    (646) 234-3485
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    Welcome to the forum! I see that it's your first post.

    Since we have the custom of closing job-opening announcements to comments, I suppose we should do the same for positions-wanted announcements too.

    For more information on and CMAA, see our main web site.

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