Simple Polyphonic settings (taking people where they are)
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    If my back were against a wall, and I were asked, "What is the simplest way to introduce polyphony in a parish with success?" I would have to admit that it is:

    THIS simple Agnus Dei based on Allegri's Miserere

    Rightly or wrongly, everyone who performs it and (everyone who listens to it) loves it forever instantly.

    Again, I don't really understand why. There are certainly greater and more complex pieces out there. But I can tell you that people go nuts for that piece.

    By the way, those interested will notice that I added the "learning" parts for the Victoria Benedictus, which will save directors a lot of time.
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    It is simply beautiful. I will employ this with my choir immediately. My humble thanks.
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    This is very nifty - as is the Agnus Dei "taken" from Palestrina's Credo. Makes me want to go out and rustle up a few men to augment my women.

    As beginning polyphony, both of these have great features. They're short, but you get to sing them three times. They're on a single page. Beginning singers have difficulty moving from one page to another. They go to the wrong line, the wrong page, forget what note they just sang and how it relates to what comes next, etc. (Actually some of my harp student beginners have difficulty getting from one line of the staff to the next.)

    Very cool.
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    Awesome: I am glad some folks are getting some use from these. But beware! I think that Agnus from Palestrina's Credo can sometimes be hard to tune.
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    Very good. There must be scores of similar possibilities.
  • This is fantastic! I printed it out in a hurry and tried it out with a few friends last night at choir practice and it sounded simply amazing! Not hard to learn, but sounds great (even in not-so-hot space at church). Thank you very much, Jeff!
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    Thank you! Yes, I know about not-so-hot places to sing ...