Kyrie for Lent and Lenten Gospel Acclamation
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for a new Kyrie as well as a new gospel acclamation for lent. Tired of ocp and need a new breath of musical life!

    If anyone has good suggestions, post it on here!

  • I am using the Kyrie from Missa Verbum Caro (from the St. Michael Hymnal). The music is available online:

    There is also a recording of it:
  • We are using the gospel acclamation from the Missa Kyrie Orbis Factor by Proulx.
  • Hello! I wrote this one a few years back; it's served a few parishes well. Use and copy it freely. I just write in my own verses in my own writing. (If you want that with this year's verses, just shoot me a message.)

    Let me know if you use it; I'd like to hear how it goes. :)


    P.S. I second WittMan's endorsement of the 'Missa Verbum Caro'. If not for political issues we'd be using the entire Mass Ordinary.
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Here is my setting of the Kyrie (it's also available at CPDL).
  • Thank you for all your choices. I'm leaning towards the following Kyrie from Jubilate Deo Chant mode III.

    What are other music directors thoughts of this Kyrie from jubilate Deo? Does your congregation have a hard time with the final Kyrie? I kinda like that specific Kyrie though!

    Still can't find a decent gospel acclamation though!
  • jpal
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    We occasionally use that Kyrie at one of our Masses. It took a while, but most people figured it out. There will always be a couple folks who aren't up on the last Kyrie.

    We use a Gospel acclamation that appears in the Vatican II Hymnal. Here is a sample (Ash Wednesday). To get them, go here, click the Sunday you want, click "OPTIONS for the CHANT after the SECOND READING" and then "Option no. 6 during Lent organist/vocalist."
  • Why not use the suggested one ("Kyrie salve") from the graduale? All six (or 9...) eleisons are the same pretty much: easy to learn. Somewhat more sprightly than the ferial one in Jubilate Deo.
  • Andrew, can you post links of those kyrie's? I would like to look at them!
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    Another option is to simply omit the final variant eleison and sing it like the others, at least until it is more familiar. More digestible perhaps.

    Andrew's suggestion is also a good one. When we sing missa di angelis it works the same way, the choir/cantor intones and the people respond with the same eleison each time. Not the proper way of splitting the repeats, but it works.

    I'm going to try the orbis factor kyrie and Gospel acclamation this year, but in years past we have used a Gospel Acclamation based on Wondrous Love by Pishner (GIA). People sang that one quite well.
  • I posted a transcription earlier in the week, as it happens. See here.
  • marymezzomarymezzo
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    Since Lent 2021 is coming up, I've been searching the forum for settings of the Lenten Gospel acclamation. There are fantastic options here (in this and other forum threads). I especially like yours, Jacob, and plan to use it.
  • Here's one that I've done; the score is marked 'Year A' but the verses are the same.
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