HELP: Epiphany Hymns/Motets (2nd Sunday of Epiphany)
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    I am hoping to get some advice, as I am ignorant about music in the Tridentine form. I've been tasked with selecting music for low mass, but I do get confused when it comes to if our music should still reflect the Christmas season or if we should just focus on "Epiphany season" music (What is considered Epiphany music?). In any case, are there suggestions of hymns/motets I could introduce for this coming Sunday? Thank you all.

  • Is it appropriate, Liturgically speaking, to sing Epiphany hymns during the "Sundays after Epiphany" ?

    For all the Sundays? Or none? Or some?

    Priest Number 1 says:

    sure - it is kind of strange time -= time after the octave of the epiphany until septuagesima -

    I think it's still fitting to reflect on the great events of christmastide/epiphanytide until septuagesima

    Priest Number 2 says:

    The season of Epiphany also marks the beginning of Epiphany Tide, so, I believe yes.

    Priest Number 3 says:

    Well, those Sundays are like an expansion joint in the liturgical year,
    filling in whatever the changing kalendar brings each year between
    Epiphany and Septuagesima, or at the end of the year for the extra
    Sundays post Pentecosten, as needed. In other words, not much real
    emphasis on the mystery of the feast itself, so it seems that specifically
    Epiphanical hymns would fit best on the first Sunday and maybe the
    second, but sempre ritardando e diminuendo...

    Priest Number 4 says:

    I would not sing them on or after the 2nd Sujnday after /epiphay, i.e. when the priest starts wearing green vestments, since the Epiphany season is over.
  • tomjaw
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    The second Sunday after the Epiphany was at one time the feast of the Holy Name, we will be singing Jesu Dulcis, as a motet using a Dominican melody. This hymn could be used at communion at almost any time of the year.

    We will also be singing the Alleluia dulce carmen, the hymn to say goodbye to the Alleluia.

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  • tomjaw
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    As the melody may be difficult to find here is the hymn Alleluia dulce carmen re-typset using Caeciliae, we have also sung it to another dominican melody and I could post that melody as well if anyone is interested;

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  • Thanks for posting the hymn above, tomjaw. I'd be interested in the Dominican melody, as well.
  • tomjaw
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    Here is the above Hymn set to one of the many very beautiful Dominican melodies, please note this is not (as far as I know) a Dominican hymns so it is a novelty to sing it to this melody.