Why chants should be familiar
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    I thought this would be a good place to share. I went to an early Assumption mass last Friday at my school. My wife later brought our 4-year-old to the evening mass at our parish. Reported to me by my wife, our fine organist played a prelude of variations on Salve Regina (can't find the composer). My son smiled and looked at my wife at the beginning of mass and said, "That's from our prayer book!" :)
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    I had a similar experience once when we sang the Litany of Saints from the Sacramentary, (as opposed to the Becker which I am most often commanded to do...,)and small children from our parochial school marveled that they had heard the same thing when they watched the video of Pope John Paul's funeral.

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    I am surprised and very pleased to say that I heard the Gloria sung to Mass VIII's setting this past Sunday. Not many people knew it, alas. But this is how our children come to know good things. Just as you cannot expect people to react to information they don't have, you can't expect a culture to remain alive if it is not brought into the lives of new generations. Procedamus.
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    Our church is holding a special memorial Mass on 9/11, sponsored in part by the KofC. The 'civilian' coordinating it is the same gent who started our First Friday Vespers. He's upping the ante with the pastor and pushing for Latin ordinary which the Schola is ready to sing. There's also a Latin prelude, and chanted Communion. (There is a typical entry, offertory, exit hymnody.)

    Considering it's an "optional" Mass, most of the attendees will be the truly devout. Previous experience is that they know and sing the Latin ordinary like the back of their hands. I'm hoping that the pastor notices. Could be a super step forward.