Lenten Tracts
  • How should one sing the tracts during Lent?

    I was looking at the 3rd Sunday of Lent, thinking perhaps our schola could try this one... but I am not sure how we should sing it. I tried listening to the Christusrex recording, but the recording has problems and it only includes the Ad te levavi... V. Ecce sicut oculi servorum in manibus dominorum suorum: then the recording ends. So... should one return to the beginning and sing as a refrain alternating with verses, back and forth? I know this is probably a very obvious thing, but I am definitely a beginner.

    I like trying this particular week in Lent because the Introit can be Dum sanctificatus, which can be used again on Pentecost... plus we already know the Passer invenit.

    Alternatively, what simple Gospel acclamations can be used ad libitum during Lent?
  • Laus Tibi Christe, Rex aeternae gloriae. We sing "Laus Tibi Christe, Rex angelorum" 3 times. From Ordo Virtutum (written by Hildegard of Bingen).
  • Where could I find music for this "From Ordo Virtutum (written by Hildegard of Bingen)" ?
  • Ordo virtutum is a liturgical drama by Hildegard in which the nuns of her community sang the allegorical roles of the virutues while a single man (good friend of Hildegard) spoke the part of the Devil There are a couple of editions available, I believe.

    Here's a pdf of the translation http://www.oxfordgirlschoir.co.uk/hildegard/ordovirtutumtext.html

    There's a performing edition from Audrey Davidson. The "Ordo virtutum" of Hildegard. Kalamazoo: Medieval Institute, 1985.

    That said.. I'm not sure this is an appropriate substitute for the Tract.

    The Tract, like the Alleluia is a responsorial chant. R-V-R.

  • http://www.sweb.cz/schola/laus_tibi.jpg
  • helena, the tract requires a verse. Laus tibi is the Latin for "Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ, king of endless glory" but do you use a verse in between refrains?

  • moconnor...

    Thanks very much... that helps to know how to sing the tract. I had found translations of the ordo virtutum online, but not music.

    helena... thanks for the notes. I would be interested in any verses you use with it.