SOLD Cassocks- Red Only - $5 - mostly child size

    We have a variety of red choir cassocks available for sale for $5 each. (They currently retail for $60 each.) They are all the same style mostly made by Gaspard. Sizes are for choristers from 1st grade to 6th grade, with a couple of adult/young adult-sized vestments. They are all in good shape, and only need washing.

    Here is a list of sizes and number available:

    39” - 21 vestments
    42” - 8 vestments
    44” - 10 vestments
    45” - 6 vestments
    48” - 2 vestments
    52” - 7 vestments
    54” - 4 vestments
    57” - 2 vestments
    59” - 2 vestments
    60” - 1 vestment
    61” - 1 vestment

    IN RED (not black)

    David Brensinger
    Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church
    805 Mt. Vernon Hwy NW
    Atlanta, GA 30327
    404.255.4023, X-103
  • Ben YankeBen Yanke
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    I'm assuming there's no black for sale at all? My parish is looking into getting cassocks right now...
  • No...and these will probably sell really fast.

    But at that price and some black dye....but then buttons...ALL OF THEM...would have to be changed.
  • It's like that famous Hemingway short story, a kind of tragedy:

    "For sale; children's choir cassocks; lightly used."
  • How are the sizes listed? Are they measured according to length from shoulder to hem?

    should have information about measurements.
  • I hope that they would sell as a job lot to a church choir somewhere.
  • First person that called bought almost all, of not all, of them. Gone.
  • That is good news. Hopefully this means that there is a choir somewhere about to order a whole lot of small surplices/cottas for to complete the outfits!
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  • I am looking for some childrens robes. Anything left? need 12-20 robes...