Missa Rex Genitor (Allen): SAT?
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    Does anyone know what Mr. Allen's position upon either having his equal voice setting sung either SAT or STB as written or transposed a few steps higher?
  • After researching all info. on CC Watershed regarding the talented Mr. Allen - and buying all the scores I could afford -- my understanding is that his work is specifically composed to be used as flexibly as possible - for whomever one has on hand for a liturgy. Paul O. can clarify if I am mistaken.
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  • ps....and not to give the wrong impression - the scores are very affordable. :)
  • I've done SAT version once, transposed a 6th up (and also some of the motets for 3 voices), it worked rather nicely.
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    good writing is always voice-independant transposable.
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    Indeed, francis. But that maxim didn't answer the point of my question, which was focused upon the predilictions of the composer and respecting those. Unlike Byrd, Mr. Allen is very much alive and might have preferences, yes?
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    Hi, Charles--

    I don't know if this means anything, but the web page at CCW bills it as a Mass "for three equal voices", rather than specifically for TTB.

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    If you look at the Missa Rex Genitor, the parts are labelled as TTB. As is often the case, in a choral context "equal" voices is frequently taken as "same gender" voices, i.e. all male or all female.