The C of E's Common Worship Chant
  • I have just for the first time looked at the Prefaces for eucharistic prayers in the Church of England's Common Worship, and it looks to me like they have produced a hybrid of Simple and Solemn Tones in which the cadence in Phrase A is from the Simple Tone but Phrase B is Solemn Tone. Is that what they have done? Why didn't they stick more closely to the Latin models? I have been asked to set some prefaces the way prefaces are in CW, but I don't really like to mix tones like that. How has the chant in CW been received by the chant world? What is the estimation of the CW chant settings?
  • I don't have CW. Could you reproduce here the material you are referring to?
    The Anglicans normally do an impeccable job of adapting such material. This may be an exception. And, are you referring to the actual preface? or to sursum corda?