Where have RyanD's SEP organ accompaniments gone?
  • PeterG
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    RyanD's very useful organ accompaniments to the Simple English Propers seem to have shifted house.
    Could someone please tell me where to find them? Many thanks.
    Christmas blessings to all.
    Auckland, New Zealand
  • ryandryand
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    Also, they'll probably be showing up in this thread from now on:


    But the old thread still exists. These are formatted (more or less) as they'll appear in the book, rather than the individual dates I've been posting. I might still have to post some individual ones, just to keep up with the pace of things ... but all new postings will be found in that thread.

    Also note that I'm going to be editing (or totally rewriting) a lot of the first ones that I wrote, so keep checking back for "updated" versions.

    Sorry that there was nothing posted for Christmas. Busy times, as you know. I'm sure your parishes had plenty of hymns and carols they expected to hear anyway. :-)

    I'll have some more up in the next few days. Stay tuned.
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  • canadashcanadash
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    Thanks so much!