Calvin Bower- Drop Down Dew
  • Hello Fellow Musicians, Organists and Choir Directors,

    Recently I was watching the mass from Notre Dame University and the cantor sang a piece call Drop Down Dew by Calvin Bower. I found out through research Bower is a staff member at NDU. The piece Drop Down Dew(DDD) is from chant of the benediction of the blessed sacrament, advent. Does anyone know if there is a collection of these chants from lent, Christmas and other feast days and ordinary time settings throughout the church year?

    I'm only looking for ones done by Calvin Bower. I love that setting of DDD. If only I knew about this piece earlier I would have used it this advent! I'm hoping by finding other settings for lent, Easter etc.... I can start using more of Bowers pieces!

    If anyone has any info on where I can find this collection or any info to help me out, I would great appreciate it!

    Thanks so much!!
  • I'm going to attach the DDD piece as soon as I scan it into the compin a minute. Hopefully seeing the music, someone can help me out!
  • Into the computer* darn auto correct on my iPad!!!
  • Here is the score to Drop Down Dew as a PDF.
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    You might try emailing him. I tried emailing him once to get a score, and it took a week or two for him to get back, but he was willing to send it. You can find his email on the ND site.
  • Do you know where this piece came from? If there is more in the collection for lent, Easter, Xmas etc??
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    Nope, I don't. sorry!
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    What is its copyright status?
  • There is no copyright found on the music. All it says is Chant, mode 1 arr. Calvin Bower and Ed. B.A. Stone
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    In case you aren't aware, this is an English setting of Rorate Caeli Desuper using essentially the same tune. You can find the original chant in the Parish Book of Chant, p. 131. There are other advent chants there as well, but they aren't arranged with organ accompaniment.
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  • This is super. Thanks.
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    Thanks ever so much. I loaded it and will re arrange it with voices only sans keyboard. We'll do this with our combined Compline Choir for Advent. The late Peter Hallock gave me a stunning through composed piece with the same chant using an Anglican version of the text. I think it's copyrighted though. It's for men (with countertenors) in 6 parts: AATTBB. Just note heads. No bar lines. No rhythm. No time signature. Text makes for the emphasis.
  • I enjoy the way the English is set in this.