Gregory the Great Academy Video
  • Hello everyone -

    As many of you know, the beloved St. Gregory's Academy in Elmhurst, PA closed its door this past May. There is a large ongoing effort to resurrect the school by staff, families, friends, and alumni. This school was one of the only high schools in the country to offer a full Sacred Music curriculum including Chant, Polyphony, Hymns, and studies in music based on Church teaching. It did much more than that however with its program of Classical Liberal Arts. The boys studied Homer, Virgil, Euclid, Latin, Rhetoric and other classics. They all know what a quilisma is, and can our seniors lasts year were even dipping into the St. Gall neumes. Our boys participate equally in sports and music...and they don't think its weird to do so.

    We are in need of support to open next Fall. And since I know everyone on here is a poor musician like me, I am not actually asking you to donate money. (Although that is most welcome if you can!) I am only asking you to take a moment to watch our video, say a prayer, and pass it along if you feel willing to do so. Thank you greatly!

    Gregory the Great Promotional Video from Matt Williams on Vimeo.

    p.s. the Sanctus in the video is from yours truly. No, we don't use the piano during Mass...
  • Oh, here is the website for the Academy - http;//