Chant enthusiasts in the Princeton, NJ area?
  • Greetings all. I'm a parishioner at Queenship of Mary in Plainsboro, NJ (Diocese of Metuchen). I live in Princeton. Up until a few years ago, Princeton University had a schola... but not anymore. I don't know any parishes in the area that have chant in their standard repertoire. So I'm curious if there are people in the Princeton area who would like to meet up on a regular basis (once a week, maybe?!) to practice, to chant, and to share our love of the Church.

    I've recently purchased a copy of the Parish Book of Chant (and got a second copy for a friend of mine at the parish who is also a chant enthusiast, and was in the Princeton schola) which has really re-fueled my love of chant and prompted this desire to form a "garage schola".
  • Hrm? Princeton U. is where Peter Jeffery, a major chant scholar, can there not be a schola there?!?
  • Yeah, Felipe, I know (of) Peter Jeffery. My parish friend (the chant-lover) is one of his students. But, sad to say, there is not currently a schola there. :(
  • urli
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    I'm a big chant fan and am trying to set up a schola for the chaplaincy where I live. Unfortunately that's in the Netherlands and nowhere near Princeton! Best of wishes for your garage schola though: ours is going to take lots of work!