Requiem semiology
  • I have been searching for the semiology for the Requiem mass. Somehow I couldn't get to the original St Gall manuscript by following the reference in the Graduale Triplex. It refers to Cod. Sang. 339 p.113. I tried CESG ( and on p.113 there is no such chant in it. I have also tried Graduale Novum and In hymnis et canticis (Carus), but again, they refer to the same source. I'm wondering if anybody knows where exactly the source is. It seems to me that the GN and Carus are merely copying the source from GT, and they end up copying the wrong source that GT has stated. Please correct me if I am referring to the wrong source. I have tried very hard, and could only find in Cod. Sang. 376 p.268 the incipit of the introit.
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    Here are direct links (the Requiem introit is at the bottom of the first and continues at the top of the second:
  • thank you very much Robert!
  • Thank you both! Perhaps this explains why the Missa pro defunctis semiology in the Graduale Triplex is incomplete... !?
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    The page numbers of the facsimile and the folio numbers used for the online version are different. This website has been useful:

    I am currently recording all of the chants from the Requiem from either St. Gall or Laon manuscripts, including some ad libitum chants like Qui seminant and Illumina. These samples and others on the chant blog at are from a live performance, so they're not of the same quality as the forthcoming studio version.

    Feel free to contact me privately if you're interested in semiological aspects of the Requiem chants.