Entrance Communion Chants - for entire liturgical year
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    Dear all,

    Please find attached something I have been working on for a while now - some new English settings of the Entrance and Communion antiphons of the Mass.

    These chants use modern notation. They come in SATB form for singing in parts, if desired - although very often the best effect is achieved by singing these in unison (unaccompanied).

    I provide a rough and ready explanation of my methods etc in the introduction near the beginning of the document.

    One brief word of warning - if you are unfamiliar with the Anglican Chant format, please read the tips provided on page 5 before diving in! (Or else the chants won't make a great deal of sense. Anglican Chant format is easy to use, but a few words of explanation are required before you use the chant.)

    If anyone has any comments, please share them on the thread. (Or if you want to email me then please drop me a note at gaudetepublishing@gmail.com)

    Best wishes,

    Peter Johnson

    ps I posted an earlier version a while back on an earlier thread [http://forum.musicasacra.com/forum/discussion/6672/new-english-latin-entrance-and-communion-chants#Item_5].

    [ATTACHMENTS DELETED - please see updates lower down the thread.]
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  • These are pretty wonderful. We'll read through some in schola.
  • These look great. I will be giving these a go this week!
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    Dear all,

    Updates below.

    (Book 1) A book with just the antiphons for the Entrance, Offertory and Communion, written out in easy-to-follow notation.

    (Book 2) Like Book 1, but with some RGP verses added.

    (Book 3 - split into (a) and (b)) SATB parts for the Entrance and Communions (an updated version to that I attached at the top of the thread). (Also contains an appendix with SATB parts for the Offertory psalm verses found in Book 2, should these be needed.)

    At some point I hope to make these available in printed form (I have a few issues to navigate first!).

    We are already blessed with many useful resources for the Propers. I hope this additional contribution proves useful to some of you (they've been working pretty well in my parish, and in a few other places!).


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