Psalmist day of retreat
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    I've been asked to but together a retreat day for cantors/psalmist in a subset of my diocese (a deanery more specifically). I have some ideas historical/theological/practical etc, but I would love to hear what any would have to say. What to include? Not to include? What would it be a grave sin not to cover?
    Thanks and many blessings!
  • Number 1 on your list should be learning the Gregorian psalm tones. They are not difficult and can be used to set just about any text. A "psalmist" should know them don't you think?
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    I concur. The Marier psalms, By Flowing Waters, Chabanel psalms, or dare I day WLP's Psalms and Ritual Music (verses only) may be helpful with that. Do psalmists also sing the Alleluia verse? The psalm tone practice could be applied to the vese before the gospel as well.

    You might also want to compare/contrast the gradual and the responsorial psalm and discuss the different choices of psalm (proper from the Lectionary or Graduale, seasonal psalms from the Lectionary or Graduale Simplex) as well as the ways in which it may be performed (responsorially, antiphonally, straight through).
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    I would recommend that before any music you might address the fact that they are carrying out a ministry, and just what that means. To a lot of folks it's easy to think of it as a job after a while, to be carried out and then forgotten. People will be watching them even when they're sitting on the sideline, so they must maintain the proper decorum. Some of us need occasional reminding of those facts.

    Then it's on with the music!