Fr. Pierre Paul
  • Here is a very nice piece on the director of the choir at St. Peter's, Rome. The article shows him to be fantastic in every way. It's almost hard to believe.
  • Thanks Jeffrey. I'm wondering why they can't use boys? I don't have a problem with using women in this choir, but it wasn't clear why they could no longer use the boys. Aside from that, I say long life to Father Pierre Paul!
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    Thanks for posting this article, I work for the OMV and have met Fr. Peirre Paul, He really is a very generous spirit. When he was here in Boston last year he was very pleased to find the CMAA website was selling the communio books.
    I think it was a child labor issue or something the article cites for not using boys.
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    the article you link to [above] appears to have taken down. the reason I notice: I am in Rome, and would like to go to a Mass for which he directs the music --- can you help?
  • hmmm. maybe drop him a note

    "P. Pierre Paul" ,

    Maybe you can meet up
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    Here is a link to the booklet for the Vatican Midnight Mass. More chant than ever. (Vatican Editions)
    May you ALL have a most Blessed Season!
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    Note: the Pope's Mass can be viewed on EWTN on Dec. 24, at 1 pm Pacific time and again at 1 am on Christmas morning.
  • Does anyone know why the procession had a sudden halt to it during the opening minutes? Security seemed to be flying
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    I thought I heard someone speaking loudly. Perhaps a protest?
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    The Vatican TV announcer explained the incident, and CNN now has a report. The Pope fell briefly, but was unharmed and resumed the procession. Cardinal Etchegaray also fell and was sent to hospital.
  • This thread probably has the wrong title. Fr. Paul did what he could but these big events are like my own parish's dedication Mass: everyone is involved and the results are...mixed.
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    Jeff O., Thanks for the link. Very helpful. I thought that Vatican Masses were going to use Missa Cum Jubilo for Christmas. I told my schola we were singing the same setting as the Vatican! Oops.