• Looking for info and verification regarding the attached documents “ANTIPHONALE AD USUM SARUM”. The information I have indicates it was printed by WOLFGANG HOPYL in PARIS 1519 and that there were only two editions of the Sarum Antiphonal. This one is very rare.

    Any insight you have on these items is greatly appreciated! Thank You!
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    I have a .pdf facsimile of the following, I presume they are the same.

    Antiphonale Sarum (London, 1519) Christ Church copy
  • Yes, this is 7 years after the original post. I came across it when searching for more info on a book I saw in Manchester in July 2019. I was not able to access the book, but the John Rylands Library in Manchester has in its collections a book titled "ANTIPHONARIUM AD USUM SARUM - PARS ESTIVALIS". At the bottom of the spine it says "Paris 1520". Image attached. May not be of help to you at this time, but thought I would post it anyway, as the book is quite rare, as noted above.
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    The last time I looked the Sarum books were not online... But we do have scanned facsimile copies, but they are password protected. Fortunately a friend had them on a disk and loaned me the disk.

    Unfortunately the files are enormous so they cannot be e-mailed, but I have posted selected pages here and am happy to again. The other place to look is the Sarum Chant site with newly typeset versions.
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    The pars hyemalis (winter part) of Hopyl’s edition of the Antiphoner, printed in 1519, is available through Digital Bodleian. It's a joy to behold.

    I believe a project is under way to digitise the pars estivalis (summer part) of 1520, though the copy is not held by the Bodleian itself, and I don't know what stage they're at.

    I do like a leisurely thread.
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