Hymn List for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B
  • Hi Everyone,

    I've been thinking of starting a weekly hymn suggestion list where people from all different Catholic parishes around the country send in their weekly hymns and post them in a forum setting. I would be happy to start this tradition each week with sending out my hymn list!

    What are yours thoughts on that?? I enjoy seeing what fellow music directors use and look for new pieces I might not know.

    Processional: All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name-#307-Heritage Hymnal
    Preparation: Christ Be Our Light-#418-Heritage Hymnal
    Mass Of Christ The Savior- (Heritage Hymnal)
    When We Eat This Bread-#53
    Amen #55
    Lamb Of God-# 56
    Communion: All Who Hunger-# 926-RitualSong
    Recessional: Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven-#684-RitualSong

    Psalm: God Has Done Great Things For Us- Marty Haugen
    Alleluia: Gregorian Chant
  • donr
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    I think this is a good idea but maybe it could be on a different forum or different media all together like a blog that we all have permissions for.
    I can help get it started if you would like. This web site is to promote Sacred Music and probably shouldn't be used for this sort of thing. What does everyone else feel, yay or nay?
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  • ryandryand
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    I'm for it (hosted here or elsewhere).
  • chonakchonak
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    There's no harm in starting a thread for it here (weekly).
  • Love the idea. I go to different churches in Cleveland's western suburbs and would be happy to post what I hear (good or bad).
  • I feel like this forum is like a blog kind of thing too!
  • CharlesW
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    It is good to know what others are doing. My hymn selections are printed and distributed about two months in advance, so it wouldn't be much help for planning. I could keep the list until Year B rolls around again.
  • Chrism
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    Why call it a "Hymn List" when it includes settings for the Ordinary of the Mass? Isn't it really a "Music List"?
  • What's the difference between Hymn list and Music list?
  • CharlesW
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    I don't know of any difference. My list contains both.
  • Chrism,

    What do you mean Hymn List vs. Music List?? I'm confused!
  • melofluentmelofluent
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    Potayto, Potahto.
    Call it an "Order of Music," yeesh.
    Nothing to see here, move on.
  • 30th Sunday In Ordinary Time "Song List":

    Prelude: Loud Matt Maher Music that has nothing to do with the liturgy
    Opening Song: Gather Us In
    Kyrie: Replaced by a beatles remake
    Gloria: Transcribed version of Battle Hymn Republic, taken from the spanish masses
    Responsorial Psalm: On Eagle's Wings
    Alleluia: Halle Halle Caribbean
    Offertory: Be Not Afraid
    Holy/Memorial/Amen: Mass of Creation
    Our Father: Remake of sound of silence, to fit english text
    Lamb of God: the troped Jesus Lamb of God
    Communion: Here I am Lord - Schutte, I Myself Am The Bread Of Life - Cooney
    Recessional: Canticle of the Sun - Haugen
    Postlude: Lots of loud spirt and song music

    hahahahah Enjoy :)
  • melofluentmelofluent
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    This is going to be one of those "Jaws" or Lethal Weapon 3 bits, where we say "I can beat that!"
    Prelude: "Ina Garden of Eden, Baby" I. Ron Butterfly
    Gathering Song: "It's a Brand New Day" Paul Quinlan (FEL)
    Penitential: Kyrie Eleison - Mister Mister arrangement.
    Glory to God: G-L-O-R-I-A (Them, featuring Van Morrison) or...
    "Gloria" by Manhatten Transfer, if you prefer choir.
    Gradual: "I love you, truly. Truly, Dear." (scriptural allusion to Ps.28)
    Alleluia: ch ch ch
    Presentation of the Gifts: "As Tears Go By" (Rolling Stones)
    Holy, Holy: "Great Balls of Fire" (Jerry Lee Lewis)
    Anamnesis: The Way We Were (Alan/Marilyn Bergman & Marvin Hamlisch, RIP)
    Amen: Ya Make Me Wanna Shout (Otis Day and the Knights)
    Fraction: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Genesis)
    Communion: "Bread" on the water, fire in the sky" (substitute "bread for smoke") Deep Purple
    Post-communion: When I'm Sixty Four (will ya still feed me...?) McCartney
    Sending Forth: Hit the Road, Jack. Ray Charles
    Postlude: Dropkick me, Jesus, Through the Goalposts of Life. Bobby Bare
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  • lol

    Did you make sure you got the copyright permissions for the FEL?

  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    >>Sending Forth: Hit the Road, Jack. Ray Charles

    Best choice, ever.

    When I was in Middle School, our "Youth Choir" was temporarily directed by a very talented Lounge Singer With No Taste. He referred to the Recessional as either "The Goodbye Song" or "The Closing Number" and routinely programmed the sort of semi-religious "I'll Miss the Good Times We Had" kind of songs that are usually reserved for tacky graduation ceremonies.

    Here is where the road divides
    Here is where we realize
    The sculpting of the Father's great design
    Thru' time you've been a friend to me
    But time is now the enemy
    I wish we didn't have to say goodbye
    But I know the road He chose for me
    Is not the road he chose for you
    So as we chase the dreams we're after

    Pray for me and I'll pray for you
    Pray that we will keep the common ground
    Won't you pray for me and I'll pray for you
    And one day love will bring us back around again

    (Yes, that was really one we used.... unbelievable.)
  • donr
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    Please use the purple people might think your serious.
  • Chrism
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    Because some people will sing the liturgy exclusively and won't program any hymns.