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    Within our colleague, E_A_Fulhorst's call that threads search out and shed a light of assistance in our discussions that would be of benefit to all, and particularly avoid devolving into bickering and bitterness- I thought I'd pose a few questions/scenarios by which we could share our stories (How David Haas, doncha think?)
    1. Who has actually had appointed face time with one's own bishop(s) in which you queried and/or lobbied as to the state of liturgy within the (arch)diocese, particularly in the areas of adherence to liturgical orthopraxis, real strategic support for the expansion of TLM's beyond regional or deanery ghetto locales, and other such sacred music "what not" concerns?
    2. Who has actually written one's own bishop(s) letters in which the aforementioned items and others could serve him when attending the USCCB Plenum conferences. For example, when the issue of the hymn text "white list" was actually announced to be on the agenda, did any of us write a sort of "friend of the court" letter to the bishop with advice and encouragement?
    3. Who has engaged the appointed Director of the Office of Worship in face-time meetings to discuss items and issues beyond the next occasion the Diocesan Choir is going to provide music for a megaMass? Who has gone to diocesan workshops and brought up in public, open forums there, these delicate differences that are in dynamic conflict with the concerted efforts of the Big Publisher's sponsored product roll-outs? Has anyone had to really explain or correct a workshop provider's mistaken notion about the efficacy of SttL versus actual legislation in force. (Sorry CharlesW, sometimes it does have to be called into question.)
    4. Who has met or otherwise engaged so-called diocesan DM's or "Music Mentors" in an effort to bring the above into their focus, or otherwise illuminate their awareness that the St. Ralph Sherwin Mass is a contemporary Mass setting by a Millennial era composer, and is, ahem, a way better choice than whatever Chris Walker churns out lately?
    5. Who has engaged their own pastors in any of the above concerns in more than a handful of documented occasions?
    6. Which of any DM's here present has regularly scheduled plenum music ministry meetings with their subordinate choirmasters, cantors, organist/accompanists and availed them of preferential advice and information that clearly outlines a systematic vision of musical reform for their parishes in the decades to come?
    7. Who has held independent "hymn or Mass setting sing sessions" for the parish at large? Who has engaged RCIA personnel on a regular basis as to the valid and unique role that music serves in our rituals? Who has held skills improvement workshops for the laity as well as musicians in one's own parish and others in the area?

    Let's hear these stories, anecdotal evidence rather than grandstanding bleacher bleating.
  • Paul Ford, 1 through 5: Positive experiences. Archbishop Gomez is a jewel; he counsels patience. I've corresponded numerous times with many bishops, with the USCCB, and with ICEL; I've never failed to get a courteous reply. Archbishop Weakland didn't believe in vernacular chant and told me so directly to my face; but he eventually voted yes to get By Flowing Waters approved.
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    Mellow Charles, I have not so much interest in STTL. My points on current legislation revolve around GIRM. I am more interested in following it.

    We have a TLM for those interested in it. The number in attendance is not large, because the priest committed an unpardonable sin. He used a host for Benediction that had been consecrated at a NO mass. All the sedevacantists left in horror, and took the Pius X contingent with them. I support the right of those wishing to attend TLMs, but have no interest in doing so myself. Nor am I interested in making the NO a TLM wannabee.

    Diocesan music is a strange kettle of fish. The more traditional musicians avoid the cathedral music initiatives like the plague. It is best to be out of sight, and out of mind. Calls go out for diocesan music functions, but I am never available. Keep in mind that there is rather rapid turnover in some church music positions because the salaries are low. I have been in my position 11 years, which is a long time in these parts.

    As for No. 6, we are a small diocese and that is bit too grandiose. None of the churches here are large enough to have music staffs that size.

    My pastor has spent years battling for good music and liturgy. The successes I enjoy at my own parish are because of him. He has talked with the bishop about such things, and I defer to him.

    Our use of mass settings depends on the hymnal we are using. We are in the review process for getting a new hymnal. Since the pastor will not tolerate pew clutter, handouts are not used. To use the Sherwin mass, we would have to buy that hymnal.
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  • My bishop refuses to meet, scheduled meetings
  • 1- yes, with encouraging auxiliary bishop who became my mentor. So glad I initially took the time to meet with him on liturgical matters. I wanted to hear his wishes in planning music for a liturgy, and set up a meeting.
    2- I was asked for input by same bishop regarding STTL. I gave it a thorough review and a thumbs down- surprise!!
    3- I'm deficient in this area. Before I met CMAA or my mentor/ auxiliary bishop and learned about how things ought to be, I went to one diocesan workshop. Things seemed lame, especially music!! but I didn't know how to counter information presented. I should try and engage these events more, if they still exsist...
    4- when our diocese went bankrupt, the diocesan DM position was disolved.
    5- regularly, with varied success in former DM posts. Almost weekly in current DM post, and the communication is superior.
    6- it's just me and our organist, and we meet regularly. He also is a friend and comes to our house at least twice a month for dinner. We're 95% on the same page as far as a vision for the parish, which is simply the vision of the pastor and our idea of the vision of authentic restoration of the chant.
    7- yes, in all DM posts. Complainers almost never came, and if they did I gave my all in helping them love chant. Often they did. In current DM post at FSSP parish there are very few complainers- I can't think of any now actually. That's never happened before!!
    Also, I hold a diocesan-wide chant course and summer chant camp every year, as well as do outreach activitites with choir and choristers.