full Subvenite in English?
  • Does anyone know of an English version of the Subvenite? In the Ordinary Form, it's the first appointed Responsory for the Final Commendation at a Funeral Mass (in the EF, it's the Libera me). Neumatic or modern notation is fine. I'm looking for the full chant itself, not a simplified version.
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    Is Fr. Weber's setting the sort of thing you are looking for, or something more?
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  • I'm looking for the full version (e.g. Liber Usualis p. 1765), not a simplified one like Fr Weber's. I've not been able to find this anywhere....
  • I do believe this shall suit you nicely ! Even if it is a little late, perhaps this will be of use for someone at some point. Theres the sub venite in english with all the verses, one of my favourite chants for funerals, yes it is. I also see particularly some importance desiring to understand the words in the context of such personal profound event in life.

    I know very personally how annoying it is to have the modernist mentality make a funeral even harder, especially if they are cremated.

    This .pdf has the sub venite on page 12 of the first link:

    "Speed to aid him all yet saints of God, go forth and meet him, all angels of the Lord, receving his/her spirit, and presenting the same in the Sight of the Most Highest....etc."



  • Here's my setting, which I put together a few weeks ago at someone's request. It follows the new missal translation.
  • I posted my previous message before I attached the file. Here it is.
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  • Excellent work, Bruce.