Liturgy of the Hours - Printed Musical Resources (Scores, Chant Books) - International Bibliography
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    Because I haven't found any comprehensive international bibliography of books containing music for the liturgy of the hours, I started collecting it myself.

    Here you are:

    And here are the source codes:

    I will be glad for information on any relevant book missing in the bibliography, from any part of the world.
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    You can add:

    - Ignace de Sutter, Marcel Weemeas, "Antifonen bij de lofzang van Maria en de lofzang van Zacharias van de A- B- C-zondagen door het jaar" (Brugge, 1992)
    - Ignace de Sutter, Marcel Weemaes, "Antifonen en beurtzangen uit het Getijdenboek voor de tijd door het jaar" (Brugge, 1992)
    - Ignace de Sutter, Marcel Weemaes, (single quires for Sundays and Weekdays of the Proper of Time, Proper of Saints and Commons) (Brugge, 1989-2002)
    - Jan Böhmer, "Hymnarium" (Wijchen, 2007)
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  • In Latin and English:
    Fr. Samuel F. Weber, O.S.B.: The Office of Compline , Institute of Sacred Music Archdiocese of Saint Louis, San Francisco: Ignatius Press 2010.
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    Thanks. I was not quite sure how to understand some of the bibliographical data of the Weber's compline book, so I entered "Ignatius Press" as publisher and "Institute of Sacred Music Archdiocese of Saint Louis" as corporate author (ignored by my XSL stylesheet if the book also has a "human" author). Is it correct?
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    Looking at the title page, I would name Fr. Samuel F. Weber, O.S.B., as the author and Ignatius Press as the publisher. "Institute of Sacred Music..." was Fr. Weber's institutional affiliation at the time, and not needed for a bibliographical entry.
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