Laudate Pueri Dominum
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    Is there anyone who has seen an organ score for J. Fischer & Brother's (1932) "Laudate Pueri Dominum" by Rev. Carlo Rossini? It is a 'Collection of 100 Hymns and Motets and an easy Mass for Unisonous Chorus.' I have the vocal part, but have been unable to locate the organ score, despite having listed it at Loome's a very long time ago.
  • Not only have I seen the organ score, I have a copy of said score.

    If you would like, sometime in the not toooo distant future, I could scan it. Right now I am swamped, overloaded, inundated, and just plain exhausted. Why is the rum always gone?!!!!
  • Absolutely, I will gratefully wait for that scan! As for the ever-disappearing rum, I have discovered that food is a quick fix. Shamefully so.

    Felicity, our children's choir started practice on the "Laetabundus" this past week. Thank you for that organ score, as well!
  • To you both: We need your help! We are a community of Passionist Nuns in Missouri and we recently let someone borrow our only copy of Laudate Pueri Dominum organ score. Is there any way you could help us?
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    Welcome to the forum, Sister!

    Users @Felicity and @expeditus1 haven't been on the site in recent weeks, but perhaps this note will let them know someone is seeking the book also.
  • Ted
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    Also seeking this book or scan of it, with little success so far.