One Year On: Are dioceses furthering the implementation of the new Missal and GIRM translations?
  • I see in another thread that one diocese is tightening the screws a little: they have asked for everyone's Mass settings and checking to see if they conform to the text.

    It might be good to check in and see if more of that is going on, and just generally how the translation has improved things. I have heard not one word of dissent, and much appreciation for the new language. It's "conversation with God" quality has struck many people, and it's emphasis on the PERSON we are worshipping. ("By the Holy Spirit" vs. (shudder) "by the power of the Holy Spirit.")

    Any thought?

  • donr
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    I also have not heard any dissent but our priests did a great job of explaining the changes and why they were coming. I still hear "it is right to give tha..." every Sunday by a few who aren't paying attention but overall its been good.