English Chant Ordinaries
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    1. I am looking for English adaptations of the following:

    Gregorian Mass Settings:
    I (Lux et Origo), VII (De Angelis), IX (Cum Jubilo), XI (Orbi Factor), & XVII
    + anything adapted from the Kyriale Simplex (I know some of the ICEL chants are derived from chants included there)

    Gregorian Credo:
    I, III, IV


    Any original (composed in English, not adaptations) chant (monophonic, unaccompanied) Ordinaries.


    Especially for (1) above, I'm actually looking for at least TWO (2) versions of each, or potentially three if I can find them:
    -New Translation
    -OLD ICEL (still in use by the denomination that employs me...)
    -Traditional English / Rite I (for our Anglo-Catholic and Anglican Use Catholic friends)

    Also- if the adaptation is specifically in the public domain or the Creative Commons, that would be really ideal.

  • Adam, here is Missa De Angelis in the Rite I version (Kyrie still in Greek, though; the congregation sings well in English and in the Greek or Latin). This is the bulletin insert we use at the Anglican church where I work. I see that it needs some cleaning-up of stem directions and various other things (why I put in the icti in some places I am not certain). Is this the sort of thing you seek?

    (We use the Christopher Moore accompaniment.)

    (Creative Commons, even though I didn't put it on the insert. It's just public-domain words put to public-domain melodies, but I wouldn't want someone copyrighting/selling it since I did do the work necessary ;-)
  • I know it was composed with an accompaniment, but Aristotle Esguerra's Mass in Honor of Our Lady of Good Help certainly could be sung without it. It is lovely, not too difficult, and has enough repetition to 'stick' but not enough to cloy (IMNSHO).
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    PC- Yes, that's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for.
  • I'll clean up that insert and post it later. I also have it in 8.5 x 11 for the choir (Kyrie+Gloria on one page, Sanctus+Agnus Dei on another, so that it can go into the folders in the correct place around the propers), if that would be helpful.
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    Cool, thanks...

    Anyone else? I know this stuff (mostly) is out there...
  • Is this what you're looking for? It has most of the mass ordinaries you listed, along with Credos I and III (the latter labelled no. 2), all in traditional English.

    Kyrial - 1933 (Winfred Douglas) (pdf file)
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    How about David Hurd's New Plainsong Mass? It works with or without accompaniment, and I think most (if not all) of it is in the 1982 Hymnal.
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    Also in the 1982, there's Merbecke's setting, which is almost as old as Anglicanism, and Douglas' Missa Marialis. And I'd check the supplement to the 1940 Hymnal as well.
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    A cappella setting:

  • These are very good
    St. Meinrad Masses
  • The supplement to the 1940 has only one usable mass, IMNSHO, the one by Leo Sowerby, but it really needs its accompaniment.
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    Patricia Cecilia is right--I was typing at work, so I didn't have any of said hymnals at hand. When I went home and checked the 1940, it was disappointing.

    On the other hand, "Our Parish Prays and Sings" from the Liturgical Press (1966) turned out to be a veritable gold mine of chant and chantish things. They use the 1965 English texts, so they could probably be retrofitted to the current texts with minimal tweaking. The problem with my pew edition of OPPaS (besides the low-quality paper, which threatens to crumble if I look at it sideways) is that no composers/adapters/sources are listed for these Mass settings. (Should you be able to find one, an accompaniment edition might have this information.)

    And it turns out that a handy little Novello volume from the mid-fifties called "A Manual of Plainsong" has Douglas's Missa Marialis at the back--in square notation. :)
  • I have revised according to the New Roman Missal English Plainsong Ordinaries for Masses !, X, XVI. These were simplified for entire Parish participation. Contact:
    Sr. Luella Dames, CPPS 206 N. Main Street Apt. 109, O'Fallon, MO 63366
    636-542-9510. ldames@cpps-ofallon.org There is an assembly booklet and an accompaniment book.
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