Substitute Singers Needed: ALL VOICE PARTS. NYC
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    The Church of Saint Catherine of Siena on the Upper East Side/Yorkville (New York City) seeks professional singers interested in being substitutes.

    The Music Department utilizes the best and most artistic of the Catholic-Christian musical tradition, from Gregorian chant to Arvo Pärt and Ned Rorem. There are concert opportunities and weekday liturgies for which subs are often needed.

    Substitutes will possess the same characteristics as regular members and:

    --arrive punctually—notes learned and completely prepared for the appointment’s schedule of music
    --sight-sing exceptionally and learn quickly
    --are independent in their voice-parts, relying on no one else to sing their line
    --lead their section as if alone
    --vocally perform successfully in choir, small ensembles, or as soloists
    --use good intonation
    --sing comfortably in English and Latin, as well as other languages, when necessary
    --interpret and employ various stylistic/historical performance practices
    --match vowels and color to their colleagues’
    --adapt when using the outermost areas of their range
    --utilize their abilities to transpose at sight when needed
    --use the entire plethora of appropriate vocal technique and musical expression when necessary
    --behave and dress professionally, respectfully, and reverently
    --climb stairs, walk in procession while singing, hold folders or hymnals for long periods of time

    If you are interested in subbing here, please send an e-mail of interest and a CV/Resumé to Selected applicants will be invited to an audition that will include a piece of their choosing, sight-singing of Gregorian chant and renaissance polyphony.
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