Professional BASSES, Contralto/Countertenor, and Substitutes Needed: NYC's Upper East Side
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    The Church of Saint Catherine of Siena on the Upper East Side/Yorkville (New York City) seeks two BASSES; and one paid, professional CONTRALTO/COUNTERTENOR positions in a fully-paid, professional 12-voice choir.

    Those interested in being substitutes (all voice parts) are also welcome to audition.

    The Music Department utilizes the best and most artistic of the Catholic-Christian musical tradition, from Gregorian chant to Arvo Pärt and Ned Rorem. There are concert opportunities in addition to the busy liturgical life of the parish.

    Every individual in the Schola knows that their particular gift contributes to the whole and, collectively, helps their audience to experience a realm that is spiritual and transcendental. They are leaders amongst leaders, yet are sensitive to the wisdom and aural tapestry of the collective whole.

    Members of the Schola Dominicana cherish their roles, giving them due dignity, and concern themselves with excellence, beauty, and infecting those around them with a thirst for life and truth, experienced through the gift that brings them to lead and inspire: Music.

    If the above describes who you are, please send an e-mail of interest and a CV/Resumé to Daniel Sañez, Director of Music, Organist, and Choirmaster:

    Successful candidates will demonstrate exceptional and beautiful sight-singing abilities with Gregorian chant and renaissance polyphony.
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