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  • Hi all,

    Would there be any takers for putting up a Wiki to catalogue typographical errors of the 1974 Graduale Romanum?

    For example, there should be a citation for the Christmas Eve Alleluia of “Cf. 4 Esdr. 16,53”. I recall there being a mis-numbered psalm citation somewhere, too...

    There probably are more such boo-boos? And if they ever revise the GR, it could be of use.
  • Geoff
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    Perhaps the webmasters might be generous enough to put up such a wiki on the Musica Sacra website? Certainly, having a wiki could be very beneficial.
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    hmmm, well, this forum seems to work for that purpose, right? Google sure likes it .
  • Geoff
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    Good point.
  • On page 234, GR1974 omits commentary on which communion to use for Saturday when Ascension is transferred to Sunday.

    OCM clarifies that the preceding Sunday’s Mass is to be used, excepting a specifically assigned communion.

    Note, however, that GR1974 gives some chants specific to certain days that OCM does not give; for example, OCM says, for that Thursday (Feria 5), to use the Mass of the preceding Sunday, excepting a communion specific to the day, while GR1974 gives both an introit and a communion specific to that day.

    I wrote to Solesmes a while back about chants that GR1974 specifies independently of the OCM; apparently they just took it upon themselves to indicate certain chants that correspond to Lectionary readings but that aren’t matched up that way in the OCM. This leads me to wonder if:
    • OCM1972 was hastily put together?
    • OCM1986 was only a very slight emendation of its predecessor to add those few things indicated near the front of the book—missing the opportunity to update it more fully?
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