Best Place to Buy a Graduale?
  • BenBen
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    I'm probably going to invest in a graduale (ordinary form) one of these days, and I know there are many places you can buy it: The Solemes web store, Cantica Nova, I've even seen them pop up on Amazon here and there. I'm looking for the best place to buy it. I know Cantica Nova bundles a free booklet with translations of all of the rubrics and instructions, which looks great to me, since my latin is coming along, but barely functional at this point. I'm thinking getting it through Cantica Nova is probably the best way

    Is there a better place than Cantica Nova that anyone's seen? Anywhere that's much cheaper than $46? I didn't see anywhere else that was much cheaper than fifty bucks, but knowing the vast knowledge on this forum, there might be somewhere in a corner on the internet that offers them cheaper.
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    I think that Cantica Nova is cheapest. Paraclete Press is the official US publisher for Solesmes. They're a little more expensive. Even more expensive than that is GIA. But they're good if you don't want to pay with credit, or would like to examine your Graduale before committing. GIA send your order without prepayment and include an invoice. Of course, you may be able to find something on eBay or Amazon, etc., but it is unlikely to be anything less than $46.

    If you are serious about studying Gregorian chant, I would encourage you to spend the extra money and get the Triplex. This would be overkill if you just sing casually or in a volunteer choir. If you want to really learn the music, though, you need (and must learn to read) the mediaeval manuscript neumes. It connects the singer to the chant on a much deeper level. But, again, I don't know what you purpose is here.
  • St Denis is right: get the Triplex!
  • Jeffrey MorseJeffrey Morse
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    The TRIPLEX!!
  • BenBen
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    The triplex is exactly the same as the normal graduale, with the added notation above and below the music, right? I think I'll probably go with the triplex from paraclete, and just buy the translation booklet from Cantica Nova separately.

    Happy Sunday to everyone, and thanks for the help!
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    I am hesitant to say this, b/c I am not sure about this, but I am not positive that the GT has everything that the GR has.
    For example, I was told that you could find what the (I think it was 7) "common" Communio's were on such-and-such a page in the GR, but I was never able to find that list in the GT.
    I think there may have been a few other times I was looking to find something, and it wasn't in the GT, (but I don't think I was ever able to check a GR to verify that it would have been there.)
  • The list of seven common Communions ("Antiphonæ Eucharisticæ") are found on page 391 of both the 1974 Graduale Romanum and the 1979 Graduale Triplex. The pagination and the number of pages is exactly the same in both volumes. (I possessed both for a time before giving my GR to someone.)

    Ben, if you haven't committed with a vendor, try your luck with the vendors what show up in Google Shopping; you may find the Triplex for as low as $50 + S&H currently.
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    Great idea, Aristotle! Just ordered one for $55 that I found on Google shopping, along with the GR translation booklet from Cantica Nova.