Proper music for sung Masses, Instruction books?
  • miacoyne
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    Can someone help me with these?
    1.Can we sing a Marian Hymn during communion on Mary's feast days? Generally we don't sing marian hymn during communion, but is it true on her feast days, too? (communion antiphon in the Missal is about her on her Assumption day)
    2. In Tridentine Mass, is it allow to sing a popular chant or a hymn (such as Adorote, Ave Verum)instead of the day's proper, especially for Offering, communion?

    Is there a book gives you instructions how to do music properly (in details) in sung Masses, both ordinary and the Extra ordinary forms?
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    See Psallite. I've personally never heard a rule against Marian antiphons during communion after the proper.
  • Lawrence
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    1. Yes, at least in the Extraordinary Form. In the Ordinary Form, many will say that this is not allowed, but then they would have to account for a number of Communion Proper chants with Marian texts.

    (An aside: Does anyone know how this dumb anti-Marian song rule came into existence? I am unaware, off the top of my head, of its existence in any universal legislation.)

    2. No, unless a Low Mass is being done. One can of course sing something in Latin in addition to the Proper, but not instead of it.
  • Lawrence
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    An interesting tidbit: Pope Pius X mandated that any motets sung after the Benedictus during the Canon must be Eucharistic, but he had nothing to say about Communion motets.
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    Thanks for the comments and the info. I have Psallite and read it very helpful. Tow more questions that are not so related.
    1. Where can I findMusicam Sacram in English. Where can I get Graduale Simplex that is not Vatican edition?
    2.I started to read an interesting article, "One Hundred Years of the Graduale," by J.B.Goschl. in the recent issue of Sacred Music. He has mentioned that Dom Mocquereau 's system had erraneous errors (in rhythm, I guess he is referring to the ictus that seened to ignor the Tonic accent. Example on page13 in Sacred Music) ),and that the Solemes did not sing according to his rule. I believe his system helped a lot for restoring the chants and people to learn to sing them more beautifully. But is this mean that we cannot completely trust his system? How should I solve the proplem something like the musical example on Page 13 in Sacred Music?
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    miacoyne: "Where can I find Musicam Sacram in English"
    Roman Curia
    Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
    (scroll to bottom)
    Instruction Musicam Sacram English

    or for the time-challenged: