New Responsorial Psalms by Royce Nickel at Chabanel
  • More new settings of the Responsorial Psalms have been posted for free download at
    Just added are the ones for the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Sundays of Easter in Year B, Ascension, Pentecost Vigil and Mass of the Day, Trinity, Corpus Christi, and Sacred Heart.
    The sample below gives the organist's and vocalist's score for Pentecost Day. The settings are purposely simple, intended for parishes where there may be limited musical resources yet also a desire to move toward a more sacred-sounding musical idiom based on the tradition of Gregorian chant.
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    Wonderful ! Your contributions are splendid !!!
  • Update: More new settings of the Responsorial Psalms have just been posted at
    for the current Year B covering Sundays and feast days now through the Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 30).
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  • I cannot endorse my friend and gentleman's compositional talents enough.
    For those of you who do know me vewy well (Tweety bird-talk), when I was at SLC and missed two Sundays home, my lovely bride and better directed the choir. We've been using Royce's Mass of St. Therese of Liseaux since last fall. One of the first things Wendy gleefully reported was how much she noticed the congregations' confidence in taking up the Glory to God without benefit of myself or her as a cantor-guide.
    We are so blessed at CMAA with so many generous and TALENTED composers!
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  • Update: Available for free download -- more new settings of the Responsorial Psalms have been posted at
    including those for the current Year B from now through the end of the church year, the Feast of Christ the King (November 25).

    As a sample, here is the Mode VI setting for this coming Sunday, the Nineteenth in Ordinary Time (B). The first score is the organist's and the second is the vocalist's, which also has a formatted copy of the antiphon for reprinting in a congregational service leaflet or bulletin.
  • More settings have just been posted at
    These cover the Sundays after the Easter season through to the end of July (Year C).
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    Royce, I've recently discovered your psalms online. We've begun using them at our parish because 1) we needed something free of copyright for the Mass that was live-streamed and 2) I was fed up with the worst of the sing-songy psalms from our pulp misalette. Yours are beautiful. Thank you.
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    Just for your information, the entire cycle of psalms is now also available in book format here: nickel psalms

  • Royce's Psalm settings are tasteful, reverent, and singable. Today's Psalm (24th Sunday) antiphon was longer than most. We have no books, handouts, or anything. The congregation has to pick it up as they hear it. Royce's tune fit the natural flow of the text so nicely. The congregation had no problem with this this long response.
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    Royce, thanks for the lulu link.