Organ Music from Choral Music
  • One difficulty is separating protestant organ music from catholic. While there is no reason to do so in a musical sense, having music played that has a connection to the music sung in a parish creates a unity of purpose that, like the stitching on a quilt, ties things together as part of a bigger picture.

    The Catholic Choirbook Anthology 1 has rehearsal accompaniments for every choral work, accompaniments that also be be played as organ pieces. If you play them and then later begin to teach the music to your choir you will find that the learning process is accelerated since subconsciously they already know the music. They have the correct harmonies in their minds.

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  • This is what I've done with new Communion hymns - I'd play them during Offertory as solos, and then a month or so later they'd be sung at Communion (after the distribution). I had people tell me that the music "sounded familiar" even though it was new to them.