Reconciliation Service
  • We have our recon service tonight. Our priest has requested music throughout the service, as well as during individual confessions "so people won't hear each other's confessions." Any suggestions?
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Organ music or other instrumental music - preferred over recorded music.
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  • Good idea! I think the choir feels obligated to sing the whole way, but I think that would be rather distracting. OK. Instrumentals. Got it.
  • KARU27
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    Dear Purple - -
    Inquiring minds want to know: will it be "Ukulele Fury"? I"m ready to start my novel about your travails there in the North.
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  • GavinGavin
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    Purple, I'm given to wonder due to your posts: does your priest realize your choir is not a jukebox?
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    Gavin's point makes a lot of sense. Perhaps your priest needs to be made aware of the importance and value of silence.
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  • Ha hah! Yes, it was Uklele Fury. But only one guitar this time...

    Silence IS golden. However this is a priest who likes to, er, make a statement. He has blown out two amps and a mic system so far. I'm surprised the glass windows are still holding...

    At least the hard-of-hearing in the congregation have no trouble with him. :-)
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    Make a JOYFUL(?) noise!!! ... sometimes! :)
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  • jhoffman
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    For the last 12 years we have employed a harpist or classical guitarist to provide music while confessions are taking place throughout the church. They usually offer some general classical music selections and often play variations or improvisations on Lenten hymns.