• wulstan
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    I have a small unit house organ for sale. Here are a few particulars:
    AGO standard 2 man. and ped. 3 ranks-14 stops in single asymmetrical contemporary case 9’ height. In use/in good repair. $13,500. Serious inquiries to sebastian1685@comcast.net
    Is anyone interested? Referrals would be much appreciated.
  • francisfrancis
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    who is the builder
  • Yes: who is the builder, and what are the specifications? And what wood is the case made of? Are keys black-white or white-black. Any other interesting characteristics? Can we see a picture?
  • Bobby Bolin
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    Also, where is it located. Pick-up only?
  • wulstan
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    Greetings to those who answered my little post about the house organ in 2012. I completely forgot I had registered on this site. The organ was built by Lewis & Hitchcock about 1970 and is still available and the price is dropping. The case is walnut colored. The organ is in my home in Virginia. Feel free to email me at sebastian1685@comcast.net for more info.
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  • hartleymartin
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    *sigh* If only this sort of thing came up here in Sydney... I'd love to put this in my home or in a chapel somewhere.