Wedding Song being accepted for consideration...
  • SJNMusic is considering the publication of a collection of wedding songs for Catholic Weddings.

    You may submit works to be considered by email as PDF attachments (preferred) or mail:

    Noel Jones
    201 CR 432
    Englewood, TN 37329

    Criteria: Voice and Organ. Obbligato instruments considered. Text appropriate to the Liturgy. Solo, Duet, Trio or Quartet considered.

    Thank you. Any questions and works should be emailed to:

    Composer to provide copyright information covering text. Composer licenses SJNMusic to publish, but retains copyright.

    Noel Jones
  • Mark M.Mark M.
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    Ah… I've been wondering where your parish is located. (The sjnmusic dot com site doesn't give a clue… anywhere!) Now I know.
  • I've recieved one duet that I am looking favorably on...but the difficulty may be in finding texts to set....what texts do you think may be especially appropriate?
  • Appropriate texts for weddings?

    Check, of course, the Graduale Romanum and Graduale Simplex. Also look at the “Deus Israël” introit that Solesmes omitted from the 1974 Graduale Romanum (but remains part of the modern Roman Rite via the Ordo Cantus Missæ).

    Psalm 128 is the classic one, but 34 also has some appropriate passages, as does 145.