seeking office antiphons
  • Hello,

    I am looking for a few office antiphons, each of which the Ordo Cantus Officii designates for the common of a dedication of a church. None is in the Liber Usualis, the Antiphonarium, or the Antiphonale downloads that CMAA has on their site.

    O quam metuendus es (pre-V2 Antiphonale Monasticum 702, NOT “..metuendus esT”)
    Benedicta gloria (Liber Responsorialis 238)
    Sanctificavit tabernaculum (Psalterium Monasticum 119)
    In domum Domini (Psalterium Monasticum 288)

    Does anyone have these and might be able to fax me copies?
  • Felipe, I have all the books mentioned and would be more than happy to send copies. Do you still need them?
  • Dear Jeffrey,

    Yes, that would be wonderful!

    FAX to: 281-469-8441

    or mail to:
    Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church
    c/o Director of Music
    11507 Huffmeister Rd., Houston, TX 77065-1051
  • Felipe, I shall mail them today!
  • Thank you very much!