II Vespers for St. Joseph - March 19 - free booklet
  • Around where I live I can count at least three different St. Joseph Catholic Churches within driving distance.

    If there are as many of them where I live as where you live, than this booklet is for you!


    I have done my best to conform it to the official liturgical texts, grail psalms, new mass translation collect, 1973 ICEL magnificat (I include the anglican translation as well in case you can use that.)

    It is what is in the 2007 Antiphonale Monasticum for the order of St. Benedict, but in english.

    I tried to put modern notation on in it as well, as much as possible.

    The psalm tones are included with modern notation in a separate file which I will upload later tonight.
  • There are the Psalm with their Tones in modern notation as separate 4 page .pdf, for those in a church unable to handle the neumes:


    If either of these links expire and the 2 files are still desired, I will shrink them smaller and attach them permanently to the forum, upon request.
  • An update, this link expires March 3.


    in the ICEL magnificat text it is ment to say "has" not "hath" in the first verse, my mistake.
  • fvelasco
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    Would you mind making these available again? Thanks.