Justification for a Choral Sanctus
  • I am looking for a written justification to have a choral Sanctus in the OF. The GIRM says the Sanctus is to be sung by all; the people and celebrant. I realize the role of the choir is to enhance the song of the people but the GIRM also says the choir performs their duty alone to that which is proper to the role of the choir within a liturgical context. Does the Sanctus truly fall under the proper duties of the choir?
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    This is one of those cases where the answer isn't so clear cut. Liturgies at the Vatican might be a good template here. Chant settings of the Sanctus on a regular basis and a polyphonic or choir-only setting on a very special occasion. The GIRM is quite clear about everyone singing the Sanctus. The Europeans have a different relationship with liturgical law because of civil law in secular society and tolerate a choir-only Sanctus in the OF.
  • At Papal Masses, the Sanctus is often sung antiphonally, with the choir singing their parts polyphonically and the congregation singing theirs in Gregorian chant.
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