Photocopies at Kinko's
  • rogue63
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    So I went to Kinko's with an 8.5 x 11 copy of a Communion proper (printed from the CCWatershed site) and asked them to enlarge it for me, big enough to place on a single stand from which to have six men in my schola sing. The copy guys got nervous when they saw it was musical notation, and the CCWatershed logo and website address, and they refused to copy it for me. I assured them that this music was in the public domain from antiquity, but they weren't convinced. They wanted some kind of proof. Can anybody offer suggestions?
  • The same thing happened to me at Staples once. I wanted Gloria Patri tones photocopied and laminated out of the older/public domain Graduale Romanum but the girl said she couldn't photo copy it because it was music. I replied that "This is Gregorian Chant. Gregorian Chant is public domain. Its a thousand years old." She shrugged and did the copying.

    Shop around until you find someone who will do it for you. We all know the CC watershed stuff is ok to copy.
  • GavinGavin
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    Does CCW have some kind of basic statement of their IP policy somewhere?
  • I gave up on Kinko's a long time ago, because they wouldn't let me copy MY OWN music...and that was back in the days before Finale, so it didn't at all look published. Meanwhile, apparently any copyright piece of word print is fair game. Let the dead bury their dead.
  • Give some people a tiny bit of authority to enforce a company policy and they become the Barney Fife's of copyright law ...
  • Done the same at a local Staples in Cincinnati with GR chants and SEP chants with no problem, as usual the copy person was curious about the Chant notation and I gave him a quick 10,000 foot overview. He seemed impressed and has given me no issues about blowing up for 2 by 3 foot versions.