Anyone have a copy of "J'irai la voir un jour"?
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    (Don't worry... it's for a student, not liturgical use!)
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    I remember it being used at the end of Mass.......20 years ago in a little rural parish in France!...everybody was singing!
  • I'll have to see if I have a copy somewhere, but I know the piece because the schola sang it at the end of a Requiem. If you write to me off-line, I can provide you the e-mail address of the priest who provided it for us -- but we had only the words.

  • I have music, words and accompaniment- email me if you would like me to send a copy.
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    I know this hymn in English as 'We long to see Thee so'. It is an Advent hymn from the old 'Notre Dame hymnbook'. The Notre Dame sisters founded by St Julie Billiart had many schools and a big teacher training college in the U. K.
    Their hymnbook was quite popular in other schools and colleges until the 1960s.
    The refrain goes:
    O come, o come, o come.
    Our Saviour dear to be,
    O come ,o come, o come,
    We have no King but Thee.

    Verse 1. We long to see Thee so,
    To see Thee newly born.
    The sands of time run slow,
    We long for Christmas morn.

    I think there are about five verses in total.

    The melody has slight variations. I seem to recall an E sharp and a G sharp
    making the verse tune more chromatic.
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    The natural sign in the score is not in use if France, all F's are sharp.
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    Thanks all -- got it!