Easter Vigil : adding verses and tropes to "Christ our Light"?
  • I have heard these sung at the National Shrine and we have chanted the verses to "Priestly People" after each response of "Thanks be to God. I know that might sound pretty pedestrian but "the texts of the verses were good titles and echoed the invocations to Christ while the modal structure of these verses had enough resemblance to the mode III terminal cadence of the response that the whole had integrity. (especially when you sing these verses at a good clip acapella)
    I am not sure if this should be done.
    What do you think?
  • The Church has already given us the texts to sing at this point. Unless there is a notation permitting "These or similar words..." we should not be improvising.
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    There is a permission for adding verses to the "Lumen Christi/Deo gratias" in the 1988 Circular Letter Concerning the Preparation and Celebration of the Easter Feasts:

    83. The procession, by which the people enter the church, should be led by the light of the paschal candle alone. Just as the children of Israel were guided at night by a pillar of fire, so similarly Christians follow the risen Christ. There is no reason why to each response "Thanks be to God" there should not be added some acclamation in honour of Christ.
  • I stand corrected; however, looking at the rubrics for the Third Typical Edition of the Roman Missal, I did not see this particular change from the CDWDS circular letter incorporated into the procession with the Paschal Candle. Unlike the rubrics for the Washing of the Feet, which retains the employment of men for the rite, I do not see any allowance for the addition of verses.
  • Chonak: Thanks for the Link.
    benedictgal: I also share your same concerns.
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    If you're not sure that the permission granted in 1988 is still in force, perhaps you could check with the USCCB's or your diocesan office for worship.

    I'm inclined to think that it's still in force, unless something in the Roman Missal 3rd edition was changed to take that permission away.

    I haven't checked, but I expect that there are probably numerous interpretive documents issued over the past 25 years that have not been integrated explicitly into the new edition of the Roman Missal. We're not really that organized a religion. :-)
  • When I checked with the USCCB on other matters. I have. sadly. found some of their responses lacking in any concrete help. I may have to resort to contacting the Holy See directly.

    Having read through the rituals in the new Roman Missal, everything else lines up with the Circular letter, with the exception of the tropes.