Organ Registration for Corelli's Christmas Concerto
  • I am accompanying a string quartet on Corelli's Christmas Concerto. What registration would be appropriate?
  • What organ stops are available for you?
  • Anything you can think of .. We have a digital 5 manual monster ... full ranges of principals, flutes, and reeds.
  • Flutes 8' and 4' (add 2' for organ heavy sections) and principals 8' and 4' for any sections where strings out weigh the organ.
  • JDE
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    My suggestion would be a lot like ref_scott's, except that in the ripieno sections I would play Principals 8' and 2' and leave out the 4'. I would definitely do the 8' 4' flutes for the concertino sections, and maybe just 8' depending on your players and the general "presence" of the flute stops.