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    Music Director Position Announcement

    Our Music Director here at St. Stanislaus is leaving us in a few weeks, in order to return to school full-time.

    So, we are now searching for a new Music Director/Organist. I hope to fill the position by early July.

    St. Stanislaus is a parish in the Diocese of Kalamazoo of about 250 families. We have a school whose enrollment is approximately 90 students, which I believe is one of the best little schools in our diocese.

    The position is 1/2 to 3/4 time, depending on how we integrate certain aspects of the school music program. We may be able to combine this position with other responsibilities to create a full-time position.

    The candidate should possess competency in organ: ability to accompany congregational singing and familiarity with simpler organ repertoire. Competency in other instruments would be a plus. He/she should also have basic knowledge of choral conducting. Knowledge of Gregorian Chant would be a plus.

    The Music Director/Organist plays at the two Sunday Masses (Ordinary Form), and directs the adult choir, which rehearses once per week. The Music Director, in consultation with the pastor, also plans and provides music for the weekly school Mass.

    Salary will be commensurate with education and experience.

    Download the full job description.

    If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please contact me! And please get the word out!

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    If my boss sends in the job to be posted, go ahead and remove this entry.

    As the present MD, I can vouch for how great a job this is. Fr. Johansen is an extremely supportive boss with a good knowledge of music (he was even an organist himself!) At the two Sunday Masses, you will never have to play a note on the piano if you don't wish to. The congregation on Sunday is by now used to traditional good hymnody and the occasional chant as you and/or the choir wish to provide. The choir does need building up, but there are a good number of people in the parish from occasional ensembles who are even able to read chant notation. Father is also very generous in allowing outside instrumentalists for Mass if you can get them.

    If you have a bachelor's degree, definitely consider it. The children there are a real joy to work with and love sacred music. My greatest regret is that I didn't have a degree and so could not teach them. If you don't have a great knowledge of chant, Father would likely hire one with a desire to learn. He knows a lot himself and is always willing to help out with attending such things as the Chant Intensive.

    I wouldn't say it's worth relocating for. It's located in Dorr, MI, which is about half-way between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. It takes me 20 minutes to drive there from a suburb of Grand Rapids. But if you live south of Muskegon or west of Lansing, it's very much worth looking into!

    I heartily recommend anyone in the area to apply for this job, and please tell any friends with an interest in Sacred Music in the area about it!
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    This is a good announcement. I've encouraged Fr. to post on classifieds to test the system.
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    Can someone tell me what to "sink" a discussion means?
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    It means that the post stops moving to the top every time it is added to.