If you like the hymn "So Lately Sprung from Glory" in tomorrow's Magnificat...
  • Kathy
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    ...perhaps you would be interested in purchasing the entire collection.

    Only $12.95 a copy, and includes reprint rights ad lib for your school or parish. Hymns may be sung to many familiar tunes, and carry the Pluth seal of quality, not to mention the famous CanticaNOVA brand name.

    Try it for yourself! What have you got to lose?
  • Oh, you sly and sleek muse of the true Christian heart!
    Just before dinner I was looking through this week's entries in MAGNIFICAT and stopped for respite upon said text, thinking "How cool to have an Advent text set to ALL GLORY, LAUD AND HONOR." and wondering if this was from your quill.
    I will try to remember to purchase a copy from Gary's store, if you promise to write an inscription immemorial in the facing page as we travel at 120 per throughout Nevada onto SLC!
    And you thought I was so weird to set an Advent text to COME HOLY GHOST!!!
    Howls of derisive laughter toward my hubris!
  • Kathy
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    I admit, I wrote this with St. Theodulph in mind. I really do think it punctuates the last couple of lines of each verse well.

    For the scrupulous, try Aurelia :)

    However, I'm surprised you haven't bought my book for your parish cluster! 13 bucks! That's a very modest price for such a Chateauneuf de Pape!
  • Hey now, "I" can't buy jack for our cluster without filling out PO's, finding an invisible line item budget number on someone's PC for which I don't have a password, yada yada.
    Guess I'll have to join the Zombie apolcalypse on a street corner with a sign, "Will chant for hymntext change."
  • Kathy
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    Well, we're at an impasse, as I ran out of author's copies some time back.