Lectionary-based hymntext for the Third Sunday of Advent
  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    This is based on (or loosely inspired by) the readings from the Lectionary for the Third Sunday of Advent, this year.

    Free for any use that fulfills the following conditions:
    -intended for the Glory of God
    -not intended to make money
    -proper credit given

    If you have editorial comments/suggestions- I'm always open.


    Say to the weary, "Have no Fear;
    Your God will come in strength and might.
    His saving grace is drawing near,
    His arm will put the Foe to flight."

    All ears shall hear, all eyes shall see
    The saving power of the Lord,
    Who from our sin will set us free,
    And Who will save us by His Word.

    On that day blooming flow'rs will rise,
    The lame will dance, the mute shall sing!
    The blind will open up their eyes
    to see the coming of their King.

    The Holy Way to God's own land
    Is waiting for our passage there,
    Protected, then, by God's own hand,
    Directed on by God's great care.

    Prepare, then, for that journey great
    Let not your timid heart delay,
    Bid not your feet to pause or wait,
    But fly to Christ, the saving Way.