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    At my parish, The Cathedral Parish of St. Raphael in Madison, WI, we don't usually chant, or hear chant... that is, until now. Everything is wonderful, the music is very solid (except the lack of chant). First I hear rumors about SEP coming in, now I read this:

    Found in the Bulletin under "From the Rector", with my greater emphasis:

    One of the most challenging parts of the transition will be stopping ourselves from making the short responses that are so habitual for us (–"The Lord be with you" just triggers "And also with you"). We have a strategy to overcome that! We are going to chant a few of the brief dialogues that we usually speak: the opening Sign of the Cross and Greeting, the dialogue before the Preface (– the one that includes "Lift up your hearts.") and so on. These will all be printed in the leaflet, so it should be easy to follow.

    One other small note: we will hear a bit of the classical languages of the Church during Advent. This is nothing new; we do it periodically here at the Cathedral Parish. During Advent, we will be chanting the "Lord, have mercy" ("Kyrie eleison") in Greek. And at the Sunday morning Masses, we will be chanting the "Our Father" (including the short dialogue following it) in Latin. Again, this will all be in the leaflet...

    This seems pretty minor, but I've been waiting for this day for so long. I'm super excited...

    Finally: We will have sung Masses on Sundays.

    Then, on top of it, I read this:
    Soon we will be purchasing new hymnals to use at both our churches.

    Hmmmmmmm....I wouldn't put it past them...
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    Sounds great. It seems to be that the Cathedral is in the right direction of implementing the 'Sung Mass,' by focusing on chanting 'dialogues,' which are the easiest parts for the congregation to chant and starting on easy Ordinary parts in Latin (and Greek, of course), and thus being pastoral in following the Church's instruction. ( by having the congregation sing their parts more fully, they will not miss, but rather relieved from singing all the 4 hymns eventually, if the parish has been having them, without adding any 'innovative ideas' of the individuals, which the Church warns against for the Holy Mass.) Could the new Hymnal be Vatican II? Does your parish know about it?
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    It is my belief that this is a watershed moment for American Catholics. Many of my priest friends and liturgists are suggesting that the long-term effects of this new translation will be a move toward greater solemnity and careful concern for the liturgy. I watch three generations of priests in my parish and while they do not agree at all on much of the translation, they all say with equal alacrity that a new day has arrived. Whether they like it or not is another question. But the ones who do not like it will obey, as good sons of the Church.

    This weekend promises to be a fascinating experience and am thankful that God has allowed me to be in this moment. Let us move forward. As one who has lived and worked in the Roman rite (27 years this past Christ the King), I honestly cannot believe this day is coming to pass.

    Per aspera,spera!!!!
  • What hymnal do they have now, Ben?
  • BenBen
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    We have RitualSong at one church in the parish, and a WLP subscription at the other. I just send off an email with a good word for the VII Hymnal with the rector and the director of the Office of Worship for the Diocese... It would be little bit of a jump, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened...
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    Unfortunately, that bulletin refuses to come up through the link.

    Of course, you could hear ALL the Chants of the liturgy at the Holy Redeemer church at 0700 on 1 Advent--or 3 Advent, or 4 Advent.

    ALL in Latin/Greek.

    We had heard (via via via) that there was some tussle at the Johnson St. location over implementing the changes. No surprise there.