Comparison (with sound files) between "Populus Sion" in 1400 and now
  • I confess I have never before heard ecce pronounced with a K sound as "ek-chay." It would certainly be a shock to any Italian; or else maybe I'll have to start ordering "fettuk-chine Alfredo." Have I been missing something all along?
  • DougS
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    Mark, this is only a tangentially related point but some Eastern Europeans pronounce ecclesiastical Latin with hard consonants where we normally expect soft.
  • Liam
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    It's just one of the alternative approaches to CC (anyone who insists there is a single uniform universal approach to ecclesiastical Latin is welcome to assert that in the subjunctive mood, but back here in the world of the indicative mood, t'ain't necessarily so). Ak-chipite, and all that.....