Tracking Down English Communion Settings
  • Does anyone, perhaps someone working with Anglican Use parishes, know where one could find some of the older English communion service settings, such as Titcomb's Communion Service in D, and settings by Oldroyd, Darke, etc?

    Any other ideas on good English Communion Services for smaller choirs, or accessible Latin Settings (a la R.R. Terry's Short Mass in C) would also be greatly appreciated. I have heard that Crone's Our Lady of Fatima Mass is good, but I can't seem to track it down. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Abbot Jonathan Coel Jan 21st 2011
    The Mass In Honor of Our Lady of Fatima is by Robert Crone. He was an extremely prolific composer, choirmaster and organist long ago in Louisville, Kentucky. Much of his music is similar to Titcomb and Willan and all based on plainsong chant. I am in the process of re-publishing his music and will soon be able to offer many of his composing which will be of enormous interest to the CMAA as well as others. If you are interested in Crone's music, please contact me at:
  • St. John's Bowdoin St Boston (Crowley Fathers time) used to use Everett Titcomb's Communion Service in D. I loved it. Mr Titcomb lived at the church for several years.

    Any recordings out there?
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    Adrian Batten Short Communion Service:

    I would also recommend the Darke in A:
  • Titcomb: Gray->Belwin -> Warner ->Alfred. If it's still in print. We used to do it at St. James Anglican Catholic in Cleveland. Oldroyd Mass of the Quiet Hour was in the 1940 Hymnal, I think. What about Healey Willan? The Healey Willan Society is coming out with new editions.
  • Please contact me directly: I have a large library of these materials.
  • I would love to find a recording of Titcomb's choral works.

    As for the Oldroyd, one of the Darkes, Wood in the Fridge (Charles Wood's Mass in the Phrygian Mode, that is), Ireland, Leighton, and a couple of others, the recording I really like is the one by Wakefield Cathedral Choir. It's a small C of E cathedral with an acoustic and choir sound that are good but more modest than, say, the vast ethereal sound of St Paul's Cathedral. So more what a good parish choir would sound like:
  • The Church of the Holy Childhood has a great deal of the British Communion Services/Masses, including Oldroyd's 'Quiet Hour' and 'Communion Service in Mode III' (my favorite). They also have many others, some of which have been adapted for the Catholic Mass. (Some of these used the literal translation of the Missal before the Catholic Church made the transition). Others you might have to adapt if you were worshipping in the Latin-rite.

    The choir director/organist's name is Mr. Robert Vickery. The parish phone number is 651-644-7495. He doesn't keep office hours, but they will get a message to him.